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Think of 10th Studio as your Beauty Concierge for Curated Beauty. We travel the world to find cool products from famous brands, or from brands you didn’t even know existed. We also collaborate with brands to create new products globally exclusive to 10th Studio.

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I have over 20 years experience formulating & manufacturing product, designing & manufacturing packaging and branding some of the most famous and some of the most innovative brands in the world! I’ve loved every minute of it, but as I travel the world it seems to me that you keep seeing only the top 100 brands at different retailers or e-commerce sites and this represents only 5% of the total brands. Where are the other 95%? There are a lot of reasons why brands have difficulty getting into the famous retailers that you shop, much less find the right venue in other countries. There are thousands of brands around the world that you’ve never heard of…yet! Korea alone is estimated to have approximately 3,000 brands….and I think each and every one of them are cool!


10th Studio solves this issue! We bridge the gap between you,the consumer, and the Retail Store or E-commerce website. We tell you about ALL the cool products we encounter. A few we might even sell on our website, but buy fast! It’s for limited time, limited quantities. The stock will always change unless you tell us on our Instagram you want it around a little longer!
10th Studio

The team at 10th Studio travels the world and we meet the founders behind the brands. We want to hear their story, understand their branding, use their products, listen to who they think is their target consumer, and why are they having trouble getting into their preferred Retailers? On 10th Studio’s website we are launching a new section called “Spotlight” where we will tell the story of all these brands we meet. We will upload videos from YouTube vloggers, interviews from the founders and their creative staff, tell the story behind the names of the product, or the story behind why they created that product. We will include photos, articles, giving you the very essence of what this brand is about. Most importantly we will tell you where to buy it for each geographic region. It’s your one place to learn all about the brands.

But there’s more! We also find the right home for brands, no matter how big or small they are! The team at 10th Studio is staffed with with heavy hitters from the industry consulting on marketing, product development, PR, and most importantly the love of cosmetics, to find the best way to reach more consumers. Where is that? In Harvey Nichols? On Amazon? Sephora? Sasa? We don’t know yet….until we live and breathe the brands….and until we speak to you, the 10th Studio Community.

Do you want to be a part of our community and help us spread brand awareness around the globe and match the brand with their perfect consumer? There are a couple of ways!

10th Studio
First- follow us on Instagram. We post pictures every day of products our curators think are interesting. Like the picture if you would to buy this too. Tell us in the comments why you like it. Are you already a loyal fan, or is it something that looks interesting to you? Where are you based? Where do you buy it? Tell us!! This is our first step to ask the community directly what you want! The information is helpful to us.

Then- we choose a few brands and we put full sizes into our Subscription based Curated Beauty Box. This is not a box of samples. We choose full size products from the latest launches and we buy the product from the brands so you, the consumer, can try the product in the way the Creative Director of the brand intended you to experience it. The Beauty boxes are $75 USD per month. Do you want to save money? Buy 12 months in advance for $600 USD and it’s only $50/month. You will receive a box with a value of at least $75 USD. If you are a subscriber, we will contact you and ask you what you think of the product. We want to hear from you! This is an interactive experience. You will also be invited to parties to meet the founders of brands, to seminars to learn about cosmetics, and to 10th Studio community parties to discuss with our other subscribers. Limited Subscriptions…so don’t wait too long to sign up!

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We will curate for all skin tones, and we choose makeup, skin care, hair care, tools and accessories. If we need to curate for your skin tone specifically, we will contact you to arrange. For example, one box had the decadent Liquid Foundation from the luxury Australian brand Savoir Faire!

savoir faire liquid foundation

We focus on new product launches, hero products of brands, or collaborations of new products that will be globally exclusive to 10th Studio. Sometimes we even feature products before they’ve been launched globally! One Super Box which combined 2 boxes into 1 box featured Serum Savant by Kane NY created by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kane. We shipped this box to our consumers with a full size (beautiful) Serum with a value of $250 USD. It’s available to buy in our shop right now! Dr. Kane launched it in our beauty boxes first. 10th Studio’s subscribers had it 45 days before it launched in USA, UK and Australia!


We also feature new products still in development for huge discounts: 25%-50% if you buy in advance. Why? We want to know what you think while it’s still in development. Did you to to IMATS NY? If you visited our booth you were able to see our new $50 USD brush bag in development and give comments on any changes you might suggest. You participated in the development of our new launch! It ships in January.


Lastly, we try to find the right home for the Brand long term. All of your feedback as subscribers, on our instagram: 10th Studio, on our Facebook: 10thStudioLtd, are used to help us find the right place for the product in the right market. We work with Retailers, E-Commerce and distributors all over the world connecting people. Our success is based on speaking to the community directly, putting full size products of new product launches into the consumer’s hands directly, and asking you, the consumer, what you think. You are the person that matters to us most! You are the person that matters most to the Brands and the Retailers. 10th Studio is giving you the platform to talk about all of the brands that exist, not just the brands in our curated beauty boxes or for sale in our shop. We talk about all brands!

We have so many stories to tell you, so keep checking back as we upload more information each week!

Did you know that Yuko Shimizu from Japan, the creator of Hello Kitty, created a new product line called Rebecca Bonbon? Well, she’s giving us a sneak preview of 3 new products that haven’t hit the marketplace yet as well as share some of her best sellers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 12.26.36 PM
Also we are collaborating with the totally amazing, unbelievably talented but more importantly the most lovely, Jen Atkin, the hair stylist to the celebrities in USA including the Kardashians and the brain behind the Hair Blog: Mane Addicts. Jen is personally designing a few must-have tools of the season and giving us some tips on how to have great hair in the Hong Kong humidity! We are so excited about this collaboration we can’t stop talking about it. Can’t wait for this kit? Join the 970,000 other followers on Jen’s Instagram @jenatkinhair or @maneaddicts and see her amazing work. WWD Magazine just confirmed Jen Atkin as the # 1 most followed on Instagram for Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists. Follow her and find out why.

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Subscribe today and let us Curate the best products for you and bring them to your doorstep.

We are based in Hong Kong and we ship to Hong Kong for free! We also ship to USA for $15 USD/order. Orders over $150 USD will ship to USA for free.

Thank you for joining the 10th Studio community! We are one of the first interactive communities that talks about every interesting product or brand we encounter, not just the brands we sell on our website or the brands we distribute into different retailers.

Courtney Haley
Founder of 10th Studio

Courtney is an American, living in Hong Kong for over 8 years, with over 20 years experience in the operations, manufacturing, distribution, & branding of cosmetics. Courtney spent years working with the most innovative brand managers for the most famous brands in the world….creating cosmetics that first start with a creative idea and after much love, dedication, and hard work, evolves into a finished product that has been specially tailored to the loyal fan of that brand. Now Courtney focuses on telling that story to that loyal fan because she realizes that sometimes the story and the people behind the brands never reach that loyal fan. That loyal fan, or that new fan that is created, is the most important person.

10th Studio