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BeautybyRosita Eye Shadow Brush

Eye Shadow Brush

According to BeautybyRosita, this is the perfect blending brush. The handle is BeautybyRosita’s signature pink with her brand logo in white. The hair is white and made of natural goat hair. How to use it? Just check out BeautybyRosita’s YouTube channel for tutorial videos: RositaApplebum

BeautybyRosita will be having secret sales on her YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of them!

Made in China.


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This eye shadow brush was designed by the fabulous BeautybyRosita who is based in New York. Are you following her yet??

YouTube: Rositaapplebum
Instagram: BeautybyRosita

What do WE love most about this brush? The pink color! It’s so much fun to use a pink brush. What does BeautybyRosita love most about this brush? She designed it to be the perfect blending brush. Check out her YouTube videos and watch all the different looks BeautybyRosita creates with her own brush. BeautybyRosita will explain why this is the perfect brush for you!

Why did we choose BeautybyRosita to design a brush for 10th Studio? We watch 1,000’s of youTube videos looking for guest curators. BeautybyRosita stood out to us right away because she seemed real and incredibly kind. Her stunning beauty drew us in because we loved watching her makeup tutorials, but we soon noticed that we felt like we knew her! BeautybyRosita’s personality is engaging and we even watched her long videos because her content is interesting. However, her confidence was the stand-out trait that intrigued us. We admire confidence in young vloggers who follow their passion and are good at what they do! We hope that by partnering with 10th Studio, more people will be aware of BeautybyRosita and she will get all the awesome attention her work deserves. Just follow her instagram and you will be impressed by her work.

We will be featuring more items designed by BeautybyRosita because we love working with her. Do you want to support her? Please subscribe to her Youtube channel and follow her on Instagram and give us feedback on the eye shadow brush.

BeautybyRosita designed every element of this brush from the handle shape and color, to the hair shape, to designing her logo, to the exact placement of her brand logo. There isn’t one detail that BeautybyRosita didn’t choose. She tested many different versions and made numerous changes until BeautybyRosita felt it was perfect!

We are proud to launch our first project together and we can’t wait for you to see what else we have in development. Stay tuned and we’ll start giving hints soon.

Do you want to see BeautybyRosita in Retailers near you? Just tell us on our Instagram @10thstudio. Go find BeautybyRosita pictures on our Instagram and tell us in the comments. You the public make a difference!

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Dimensions21 x 4.5 x .3 cm

  • This brush is bomb!!! It really does do a great job at blending in my crease. It is a nice bright pink so I can always spot it in my kit. Rosita did a great job on this one, ill always support. Xo

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