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(Best Seller) Rovectin
Ultimate Moisturizer


curated beauty is concierge beauty….finding the hidden gems that sometimes are hiding in plain sight! We love the fab moisturizer Rovectin. The owner of Rovectin had a passion to create a moisturizer that addressed the fragile skin that resulted from chemotherapy and laser surgery. it’s marketed to hospitals and it’s been included in a chemotherapy recovery pack created by pharmaceutical companies. This is serious skin care! This is why we selected this special moisturizer as the perfect skin care to fight pollution and anti-aging. Skin care doesn’t get better than this. The formula, texture and ingredient list is comparable to the formulas of high-end, luxurious eye creams. this truly is the definition of a hidden gem. We tested this moisturizer on sensitive skin, oily skin, and combination skin before giving it our full approval. This formula is thick enough to help improve the texture of your skin immediately, but also thin enough to wear daily under your favorite foundation or BB cream. Enjoy!

This product is our best seller.


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Rovection is our best seller.

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Ultimate Moisturizer